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Underwriting and Sponsorship

To become an underwriter, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Senior Underwriting Account Executive
Jack Light

What is Underwriting/Sponsorship?

In the world of noncommercial public television programming can be underwritten or sponsored by local businesses and/or individuals through financial support. In return for this support, Panhandle PBS broadcasts underwriter/sponsor spots on the station’s air.

Why Underwrite or Sponsor Programs?

  • Image: Build a Brand
    Underwriters/sponsors benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with Panhandle PBS and its mission to serve the community. Nearly 85% of consumers believe such marketing creates a positive image for underwriters/sponsors. About 75% of PBS viewers believe that PBS underwriters/sponsors are committed to quality and excellence and almost two-thirds of PBS viewers are more likely to purchase the product or service of a PBS underwriter/sponsor. (Source: Roper Worldwide; PBS Image Study)
  • Greater Impact: Credible and Memorable
    Underwriter/sponsor messages have greater impact in the low-clutter environment found on Panhandle PBS. "Hard sell" spots are not allowed by FCC regulations (see guidelines) and this fact makes underwriting/sponsorship messages extremely credible and memorable. PBS' dignified approach to on-air support is appreciated and respected by its viewers.
  • Greater Value: Build a Relationship
    Panhandle PBS has unique marketing opportunities for business and individual partners that the commercial broadcasters or cable networks cannot offer. On Panhandle PBS, underwriters/sponsors build a relationship with the community.

Underwriting/Sponsorship Guidelines

Guidelines for On-Air Underwriting/Sponsor Messages

Underwriting/sponsorship spots are intended to thank and identify underwriters/sponsors. In general, these spots are to maintain a noncommercial sound, in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting. Many existing image or business brand spots can work on Panhandle PBS’s air. Existing spots that do not meet FCC standards may require minor changes.

Underwriter/sponsor messages should:

  • Make an association between sponsor and the program or station
  • Indicate support for Panhandle PBS

Underwriter/sponsor messages may:

  • Identify and depict sponsor's products or services
  • Show a logo
  • Use a well-established slogan or corporate positioning statement
  • Show a telephone number
  • Show a web site address

Underwriter/sponsor messages may not:

  • Use comparative or superlative language
  • Offer price, discount or financing information (including "free")
  • Use "calls to action" which direct the viewer to call, visit, try or compare, etc

Panhandle PBS Underwriting/Sponsorship Policy

The purpose of this policy statement is to provide a comprehensive set of rules for announcements appearing on Panhandle PBS. The intent is to provide the greatest amount of exposure and identification to program underwrites/sponsors without compromising the noncommercial license of Panhandle PBS.

Federal statutes require that those who have paid for or furnished material for broadcast, be disclosed on the air at the time of the broadcast. Accordingly, broadcast funders may not be anonymous.

Creative elements:

  • Underwriters/sponsors must be identified by name and/or logo
  • The underwriting/sponsorship credit may contain factually descriptive information about the underwriter’s/sponsor’s products or services
  • A corporate positioning statement and the underwriter’s/sponsor’s well-established corporate slogan may be used as long as it is not promotional in nature
  • A company or organization spokesperson may appear on camera (Note: endorsements by a celebrity or person outside the organization are not allowed)
  • Address, telephone and web address can be used both on screen and in the audio.

Panhandle PBS does not accept underwriting/sponsorships from the following groups:

  • Tobacco, weapons, alcohol, illicit drugs of any kind
  • Pornography/ adult content or themes
  • Gambling
  • Political and public issues advertising*
  • Discriminatory or violent messages
  • Material that violates laws, rules or regulations
  • Messages containing deceptive, fraudulent, misleading or false information
  • Material promoting pyramid or multi-level marketing organizations
  • Material that advertises products directly to children
  • “M” rated video games or “R” rated movies

Because Panhandle PBS is itself a non-profit organization, the station does not broadcast public service announcements that are not directly related to a station project or initiative. Non-profit organizations wishing to underwrite/sponsor programming on Panhandle PBS must abide by the same rules and policies that govern all other underwriters/sponsors.

Panhandle PBS reserves the right to review and approve all messages and sponsorship material. Panhandle PBS reserves the right to remove previously approved material if the station later determines that the material is not consistent with or does not comply with guidelines.

Additional information about underwriting guidelines for public media can be found by visiting the FCC or PBS websites.​

* Amarillo College is the licensee of noncommercial educational Station KACV (Panhandle PBS). It is the station’s policy not to grant any requests for political advertising broadcast time by or on behalf of candidates for federal, state, or local public office. In other words, the station does not sell time to political candidates, does not accept underwriting donations by or on behalf of candidates, and does not provide any free time for use by or on behalf of candidates.

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