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The Savor the Goods dinner series allows local chefs and producers to come together and craft beautiful meals for guests in the Texas Panhandle. Find out how you can attend one of these dinners, meet some of the chefs and producers, and even pick up some recipes and more below.

Upcoming Dinners

Savor the Goods: Delvin's Southern Soul

Thursday, July 27 – 6 to 8 p.m.

Arts in the Sunset, 3701 Plains Boulevard #117, Amarillo, TX 


The Panhandle's best dinner series is back! Join Panhandle PBS as we present Savor the Goods: Delvin's Southern Soul

Join us for an evening of cocktails, conversation and a delicious New Orleans-inspired meal featuring Delvin Wilson, owner of Delvin's in Amarillo. Delvin and his family will be in the kitchen and at center stage for the event where you'll learn all you need to know about soul food and Southern cooking from the heart. 

Starters Include:

  • Deviled eggs and pimento cheese

Dinner Menu:

  • Delvin's Smoked Brisket
  • Chicken Diane
  • Dirty Rice
  • Collards and Greens
  • Green Beans


  • Coca-Cola Cake and Buttermilk Pie

Signature Cocktails:

  • Sazerac and French 75 (Provided by Reed Beverage, prepared by Sips and Giggles)

Support for this dinner is provided by: Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Affiliated Food Service, Reed Beverage, and Arts in the Sunset.

Local Chefs

Tyler Frazer

Tyler Frazer knows barbeque. It's one of the reasons his restaurant, Tyler's Barbeque, is so well known and loved in the Texas Panhandle – and beyond. In this interview, Tyler talks about why he loves barbeque, where that passion started, and even where he gets the meat he cooks every day.

Jessica Higgins

Chef Jessica Higgins talks about how life changed for her after having a heart attack right before the opening of Girasol Cafe and Bakery, and how she got started in the food industry.

Joe Mendez and Steve Bautista

Chefs Joe Mendez and Steve Bautista discuss how they found their passion for cooking, and some of the unique approaches they take to creating dishes.

Mothers and Daughters

Local chefs Laura Yarber, Jessica Higgins, Laura Maner, Rhonda Obenhaus and their mothers talk about family traditions involving food – both preparing it and eating it.

Laura Yarber

Chef Laura Yarber explains how her upbringing led to her career as a chef, and the inspiration behind her Crave Factory.

Sam Blackburn

Executive Chef Sam Blackburn of Northwest Texas Healthcare System/Sodexo discusses the process behind running a hospital kitchen that serves hundreds of patients, doctors, employees and visitors every day.

Rory Schepisi

Chef and owner/operator of the Drunken Oyster Rory Schepisi talks about her journey to becoming a chef, as well as what brought her to the Texas Panhandle and the things that made her stay. Steve and Ginger Olson of Olson’s Land and Cattle tell the story of how they met, and explain the things they love about farming and ranching.

Rocky Dunnam

Executive Chef Rocky Dunnam explains what “farm-to-table” really means, and the importance of that concept in the Texas Panhandle.

Tanner Burnam

Chef Tanner Burnam of Northwest Texas Healthcare System/Sodexo walks us through the process of curing egg yolks.

Local Producers

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson of McC Farms discusses some of the details of farm life, and the perks of having an endless supply of farm-fresh eggs.

Adam Lehn

Adam Lehn, a local beekeeper, discusses the habits of bees, how he got into beekeeping, and ways others can help the bees from home.

Andy Timmons

Andy Timmons of Texas Wine Company explains some of the processes behind growing grapes, and making and selling wine in Texas.

Alan Birkenfeld

Alan Birkenfeld of Paidome Meats talks about what brought him back to Nazareth after earning his degree, how he got into raising cattle, and how he raises them differently than a traditional feed lot.

Steve Foster

Local farmer Steve Foster describes the path that led him to becoming a farmer, and some of the ups and downs of farming in the Texas Panhandle.


Rich Fleetwood

Rich Fleetwood of Reed Beverage explains how to make a “Vod Sod,” a classic vodka soda with a twist, and offers some general cocktail-crafting tips.


Chefs Sam Blackburn, Rory Schepisi and Alberto Vargas explore the history of the dish “spadini,” traditional ingredients, and how they’re going to put their own spin on things.

Pumpkin Mousse Cake | Tanner Burnham

Learn to make pumpkin mousse cake with chef Tanner Burnham for Savor the Goods at Home for the Holidays.

Honey Soy Glazed Brussels Sprouts | Sam Blackburn

Learn to make honey soy glazed Brussels sprouts with chef Sam Blackburn for Savor the Goods at Home for the Holidays.

Mushroom Wellington | Ruthie Landelius

Learn to make mushroom wellington with chef Ruthie Landelius for Savor the Goods at Home for the Holidays.

Prime Rib | Rhonda Obenhaus

Learn to make prime rib with chef Rhonda Obenhaus for Savor the Goods at Home for the Holidays.

Pfeffernusse Cheesecake | Jessica Higgins

Learn to make pfeffernusse cheesecake with chef Jessica Higgins for Savor the Goods at Home for the Holidays.

How to make Oaxacan beans

In this episode, Chef Ruthie teaches us how to make Oaxacan beans, a flavorful and versatile dish that fits right in with many popular recipes.

How to make vegan crab cakes

This week, Chef Ruthie shows us how to make vegan crab cakes with remoulade sauce.

A colorful take on salad

In this episode, we learn how to make Chef Ruthie’s bountiful salad along with homemade croutons and a balsamic vinegar and za’atar dressing.

How to make chickpea tuna salad

This week, Chef Ruthie teaches us how to make tuna salad minus the tuna. Follow along and learn how to make her chickpea tuna salad, and a special peach relish!

How to make tofu lasagna rolls

In this episode, Chef Ruthie walks us through a dish that’s a bit more complicated: tofu lasagna rolls.

How to make Vietnamese summer rolls

This week, Chef Ruthie teaches us how to make the perfect warm-weather dish: Vietnamese summer rolls with homemade peanut sauce.

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