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You can learn a lot in 60 seconds. At Panhandle PBS, we strive to tell the stories of the Texas Panhandle and educate, enlighten and entertain our viewers. To help us achieve this goal, we've developed a new digital series, "60 Seconds On," and the accompanying blog series "More Time With." 

Each segment focuses on one of five categories: creativity, community, leadership, education and history. These categories allow us to cover a broad range of stories from the many unique individuals who call the Texas Panhandle home. 

60 Seconds On History with Beth Duke

We chat with Center City Amarillo Executive Director Beth Duke about Bones Hooks and his impact on the Texas Panhandle.

60 Seconds on Education with Rhonda Obenhaus

We talk with Rhonda Obenhaus about the importance of hands-on experience in education.

60 Seconds On Leadership with Andrew Hay

We chat with Dr. Andrew Hay about leadership.

60 Seconds on Community with Eric Miller

We chat with author Eric Miller about his book, "100 Things to do in Amarillo Before You Die." 

60 Seconds on Community with Lindy Wakefield

We talk with Lindy Wakefield about Christmas at the Amarillo Children's Home. 

60 Seconds On Community with Greg Lusk

We talk with Greg Lusk about Christmas at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. 

60 Seconds on Creativity with Jason Boyett

We talk with Jason Boyett about the importance of public art in Amarillo.

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