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Advisory Council

The Panhandle PBS Advisory Council provides a vehicle for effective community input to the station’s governing body and license holder (Amarillo College Board of Regents) and to station management regarding programming, community service and outreach activities, and policies that impact the specific needs of community. Advisory Council members are appointed by the Amarillo College Board of Regents and serve three-year terms.

Usually, all meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. in the Gilvin Broadcast Center, 2408 S. Jackson, Amarillo, Texas. The Panhandle PBS Advisory Council meetings are open to the public and no registration is necessary. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Advisory Council meetings are being held virtually via Zoom. If you are interested in attending a virtual meeting, email for a link.

Our next Advisory Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 16 at noon. 

Advisory Board Members

Regina Dinga (chair)

Jack Thomas (vice-chair as of Feb. 26)

Russell Lowery-Hart (ex oficio, AC President)

Matt Sanders

Stephanie Nielsen

Elizabeth Boston

Misty Howard

Leeann Kossey

Wendy Kritser-Howard

David Lovejoy

Richard Walton

Jeff Wyrick

Lucia Mendez-Polston

Suzette Nistler

Judy Whiteley

John Betancourt

Peggy Thomas

2021 Advisory Council Meetings

February 23, 2021

May 25, 2021

August 24, 2021

November 16, 2021

Past Advisory Council Minutes

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