Good guys turning into bad guys
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The world is fixated on the terrorists working in Syria and Iraq and on President Obama's strategy in fighting them.

But on another continent, in Africa, Frontline has revealed that security forces looking for Boko Haram -- yet another notorious Islamist group -- has committed atrocious acts.

Frontline aired the program on Tuesday on Panhandle PBS, but it can be seen online.

Boko Haram once commanded the world's attention. Heads of state were calling on Nigerian forces to do something to find the girls who had been kidnapped and to bring their captors to justice.

Nigerian officials dispatched security forces into the countyside to find the girls and their kidnappers.

Well, it turns out that the Nigerian security forces have been engaging in their own acts of brutality while looking for the Islamists.

Frontline, the acclaimed PBS documentary series, reports that U.S. law prohibits funding for units that have been accused of committing atrocities, but that the law is applied unevenly.

The Nigerian security forces on the hunt for Boko Haram allegedly have been engaging in the very behavior that U.S. law supposedly prohibits.

Frontline's documentary, "Hunting Boko Haram," reveals another seedy side to this already terrible story.