'Double Down' authors up once again
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I'm in the middle of a pretty good political chronicle.

So it is a bit coincidental that Evan Smith's "Overheard" segment coming up Thursday night at 8 on Panhandle PBS is a re-broadcast of his interview with the co-authors of the book I'm reading.


"Double Down: Game Change 2012" walks you down the campaign trail that resulted in President Barack Obama's re-election nearly two years ago. Mark Halperin and John Heilmann are two seasoned journalists who have written a fitting sequel to "Game Change," their book on the 2008 campaign and the election of Obama as the first African-American president.

Halperin and Heilmann pick apart the campaigns of both sides. They take meticulous note of Obama's internal campaign struggles, such as the rough ride that former White House chief of staff William Daley endured during his brief stint at the center of power in D.C. The authors also note the very rough Republican primary campaign and the meteoric rise and fall of so many GOP contenders ... from Michelle Bachmann, to Rick Perry, to Herman Cain, to Rick Santorum, then to Newt Gingrich and finally to the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney.

Overheard with Evan Smith is a 30-minute interview conducted by Smith, the editor in chief of the Texas Tribune. It's produced by KLRU-TV, based in Austin. The show usually is lively and full of give-and-take between the interviewer and his subjects.

I know how the election turned out. I'll take additional interest this time around with what Halperin and Heilmann had to say about their effort to tell the story of one of this country's more fascinating -- and expensive -- presidential election campaigns.