The Foxfire Experiment -- Self-Titled
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Band Members

Star Child - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Austin Allan - Bass, Harmony Vocals
Scott Stine - Keyboard, Auxiliary Percussion, Harmony Vocals
Calvin Smoot - Drums

About the Foxfire Experiment:

The Foxfire Experiment migrated to the Panhandle from Arizona in 2011. Austin joined the band 2012, we played as three piece for a year. Scott moved from Arizona in 2012 and soon began breaking jugs of wine at shows as an alternative percussion player. We've gone through a succession of drummers while in Amarillo. Calvin Smoot joined the band two months ago and has fit our sound and playing style like a glove. We're super excited to have him with us!


Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, The Who, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, What Laura Says

Your Facebook page describes your sound as “hippie rock.” Explain what you mean by this:

A good chunk of our influences come from music made when wild hippies still roamed the continental United States. If you take Woodstock '69, a pinch of Pink Floyd, and a sprinkle of psychedelic mood dust, you have Hippie Rock.

Tell us about your album:

Our self-titled titled album was recored at Devil's Rope Studios in 2013 with producer and engineer Jonathon Cunningham. The album artwork is photograph of a mural that we painted on the side of Fort Raburn in Amarillo. It measures 16 feet tall and thirty feet wide, and would not have been possible to create without the help and support of our fans, friends, and family.
We pull inspiration from a wide range of genres, and the album tries to mirror our interests and sense of storytelling through an eclectic blend of tones. Conceptually, the album follows a story of change and self-actualization, building from simplicity to relative complexity. Lyrically, it is in part inspired by the likes of Ray Bradury and Ram Dass. We want our music to convey a message of positivity and the power of community. All you need is love.

Upcoming Performances:

We're in the stages of booking a Spring tour in 2015. We're also working on a webseries that will be releasing online soon. Locally, we're playing the 6th Street Creepy Crawl on Halloween night at the 806 with Playa Lake.

Where can people find out more about the Foxfire Experiment?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter(@foxfire_exp), Instagram (@thefoxfireexperiment), and Snapchat (@foxfire_exp)! We like taking pictures of our cat, Silo. She's shameless.