Solar eclipse safety, other science wonders are focus of DHDC's Mindfest
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With the celestial spectacle of a total solar eclipse a few weeks away, the Don Harrington Discovery Center  has made the galactic wonder a focus at this year's Mindfest.

Visitors will be able to make viewers for the eclipse that on Aug. 21 will glide across the U.S. from coast to coast for the first time in 99 years.

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About 80 percent of the sun will be covered in the Texas Panhandle, making it a partial eclipse, and DHDC wants to teach children and their parents about how to safely view it, Executive Director Aaron D. Pan said.

Learn more about eclipses in the Panhandle:

Other Mindfest activities include:

Leather working: Making bracelets with strips of leather that children can design with metal stamps.
Construction zone: Build items with wood, hammers, nails and other materials
Water rockets: Shooting water and pump-powered soda bottles into the air
UFO Creation: Experiment with ways to make objects that fly
Take apart a car: Cierra Towing will provide a vehicle for visitors to dismantle and learn how they work
Bubble station: Experimenting with making bubbles of different shapes and sizes
Sculptor's paradise: Making pots, cups and other items in a ceramics lab


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