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PBS Learning Media, area teachers develop tools to teach Vietnam War
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PBS/Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

In conjunction with PBS’ debut of The Vietnam War documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, PBS Learning Media has tools available for teaching the war.

Videos and lesson plans on the PBS Learning Media website delve into the political, social and historical aspects of the Vietnam War.

As a local component to PBS' national broadcast, Texas Panhandle teachers in Education Service Center Region 16 are working along with Panhandle PBS to develop locally focused curricula to teach the war in classrooms. Their lesson plans will be matched with interviews being conducted with Panhandle residents who were soldiers, volunteers and refugees of the war.

Panhandle stories – and a list of upcoming Vietnam-related Panhandle PBS events including the December arrival of the Wall That Heals – are available at

The 10-part documentary is in progress. Catch Episode 4 tonight on Panhandle PBS at 7 p.m.

Burns and Novick spent 10 years making the documentary, interviewing 100 people including American and Vietnamese soldiers, civilians both here and abroad, family members, protesters and American and Vietnamese government officials.

To watch prior episodes, visit PBS' homepage for The Vietnam War series.



Mike Smith is a digital content producer for Panhandle PBS. Contact him at, on Twitter at @newsmithm and on Facebook.