AC students score new school record in media awards
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Amarillo College recently strode back into town from Dallas with a record truckload of Texas International Press Association awards.

Overall, AC claimed 52 awards – a school record – in addition to several honorable mentions.

TIPA awarded top honors to AC students across a spectrum of media platforms including AC's newspaper, The Ranger, FM 90, the AC Report radio program, and the college magazine, The Current, and for "live" contests at the TIPA convention.

“Amarillo College students have established a tradition of winning statewide and national journalism and media contests,” AC Student Media Coordinator Maddisun Fowler said in a statement. “While it is great to receive awards, the true benefit is the learning that takes place as a result of participating in this convention.”

TIPA represents more than 40 public and private two- and four-year colleges and universities across Texas. 

The full list of winners:

On-site Live Contests (Open to all TIPA members)


1. Salvador Guiterrez

1. Salvador Gutierrez 

Honorable Mention, Lauren Ebben

Two Year Editor of the Year (Open to all two-year TIPA members): Stevi Breshears

Previously Published Contests Division 4 (Sul Ross University, West Texas A&M University, Texas Wesleyan University, Eastfield College, Brookhaven College, Tyler Junior College, St. Edward’s University, Texas Woman’s University, St. Mary’s, Amarillo College)

Overall Excellence General Magazine
1. Jenna Gibson, Claire Ekas, Destiny Kranthoven, Salvador Gutierrez, Michelle Martinez 

Overall Excellence Radio Program
1. Amarillo College, "AC Report"
Overall Excellence Television Program
1. Amarillo College, "AC Report"

Overall Excellence Website
1. Savannah Tarbet, Amarillo College

3. Salvador Gutierrez, Keegan Ried, Amarillo College, "La Dosis"
2. Bryan Arvello, Salvador Casanova, Sir Garen Grayson, Amarillo College, Free World
1. Lily Gamble -- Mental health

Breaking News Audio Story
3. "AC Report," Staff, Amarillo College, "Bellweather"
2. "AC Report," Staff, Amarillo College, "Hiring freeze"
1. "AC Report," Staff, Amarillo College, "Campus carry"

Feature News Reporting Audio
2. Les Jones, Amarillo College, "Parking"
1. Ivan del Val, Amarillo College, "Instructor"

Feature News Reporting Video
3. Micah Smith, "Club Clash"
1. Ivan del Val, "Hereford Campus"

General News Audio Story
3. Liz Moore, "Coffee shop"
2. Micah Smith, "Illness"

General News Video Story
2. Sentora Rodriguez, "College Regents"

In-Depth News Audio
3. "AC Report," Staff, "Campus Carry"

In-Depth Multimedia Story
2. Liz Moore, Joseph Hanson, "Tuition"

Newscast Audio
1. "AC Report" 

Newscast Video
1. "AC Report" 

Breaking News
2. Donovan Ortiz, "Greenhouse"

General Column
3. Micah Smith, "Minorities"

General News
3.  Liz Moore, Joseph Hansen, Amarillo College, "Tuition"

In-Depth Reporting
3.  Katie Wylie, Amarillo College, "Addiction"

Headline Writing
3.  Stevi Breshears, "Ace in Hole"

Short Feature Story
2. Jordan Gipson, "Hedgehog"

Ad Design Static
1. Claire Ekas, "Shut up"

Advertising Campaign
2. Jenna Gibson, "Be good"

Advertising/PSA/Promo Audio
3. Les Jones, "New music"
2. Kris Fredrick, "Indifference"

Advertising/PSA/Promo Spanish
1. Salvador Gutierrez, Amarillo College

Advertising/PSA/Promo Video
1. Kris Fredrick, Tyler Heddin, Amarillo College, "What motivates"

Best Online Engagement Strategy
1. Savannah Tarbet, Amarillo College, Online

Cover Design General Magazine
Honorable mention, Destiny Kranthoven, AC Current, "Fall"
2. Jenna Gibson, Michelle Martinez, "Spring"
Cover Design Newspapers
2. Stevi Breshears - Nov. 2

Feature Page/Spread Design Newspaper
2. Claire Ekas, Briana Maestas, Amarillo College, "Book Spread"

Op/Ed Page/Spread Design Newspaper
2. Marissa King - Nov. 2

Overall Design General Magazine
1. Jenna Gibson, Claire Ekas, Destiny Kranthoven, Salvador Gutierrez, Michelle Martinez
Overall Design Newspapers
1. Ranger Staff

Overall Design Website
1. Staff, Amarillo College

Program Production Audio
1. Broadcast News Class, "AC Report"

Program Production Video
3. Kris Fredrick, Tyler Heddin, "Mock movie"

Special Edition Design Print
2. Ranger Staff, "Back to school"

Use of Data
2. Destiny Kranthoven, "AC Bookstore"

Editorial Cartoon
Honorable mention, Destiny Kranthoven, "Tuition"
1. Destiny Kranthoven, "Get a Bong"

Feature Photo
Honorable mention, Claire Ekas, "Hoola Hoop"
Honorable mention, Amarillo College, "Hoola hoop girl"

2. Joab Cochran, "Generation"

Photo Story
Honorable mention, Sal Gutierrez, "Leadership"

Static Information Graphic
Honorable mention, Liz Moore, "Tuition"
3. Destiny Kranthoven, "Addictions"



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