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September 2023: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

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The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum has been a proud underwriting partner for Panhandle PBS for many years. 

"Much like PBS, the museum is concerned with promoting the stories of this region in order to build community, enhance learning, and nurture creativity," said Executive Director Andrew Hay. 

In light of Ken Burns' upcoming documentary on the American buffalo – and in light of Burns' team conducting research at PPHM – Hay noted that the museum will be opening an exhibit, "The Fall and Rise of an American Icon," on September 13. The exhibit will serve as a reception for the premiere of the documentary. "The Exhibit," said Hay, "focuses on the catastrophic waste and mismanagement of human interaction with this iconic animal during the 1800s on the Great Plains. The exhibit will also highlight the recent bison conservation efforts from around the country, including the nearby Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons State Park. PPHM has unparalleled Native American and Euro-American artifacts that speak to this tragic-yet-hopeful story, with the public experiencing items from the PPHM that have never been displayed."

Visit the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum online here.

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Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum