Toot'n Totum corners corner market
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By Karen Welch — Senior Content Producer

Some real estate "Sold" signs just grab more attention than others.

So, to answer some questions I've gotten, I’ll tell you what I know about tracts of land on the northwest corner of the intersection at Hillside Road and Bell Street and at the northwest corner of Hillside Road and Soncy Road.

Toot’n Totum owns those tracts and several others in town as sites for future stores.

“No construction date is projected,” spokeswoman Melinda Batchelor said. “It’s just in our queue.”

Batchelor said another spot in line for development is land the convenience store company owns on the northwest corner of the intersection at Lakeside Drive and East Interstate 40. That project, when it happens, will bring a truck stop into the Toot’n Totum fold.

But it won’t be Toot’n Totum’s first truck stop. The company is soon to break ground on a truckstop in Canadian.

The other stores should be developed in the next few years, she said.



Karen Welch is a senior content producer for Panhandle PBS. She can be contacted at, at @KWelch806 on Twitter and at on Facebook.