Website: Military has long-range plans for V-22 Osprey assembled in Amarillo
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News from Warrior Maven discusses V-22 Osprey's longevity.
Provided photo / Bell

By Karen Welch — Senior Content Producer

Warrior Maven, a website producing military-specific content covering weapons, technology and strategy, has posted an article quoting Marine Corps plans to keep the V-22B Osprey in its arsenal for the next four decades.

The Bell plant in Amarillo assembles the V-22 tiltrotor aircraft.

Warrior Maven Managing Editor Kris Osborn writes: "The Marine Corps is accelerating a massive modernization and readiness overhaul of its MV-22 Osprey to upgrade sensors, add weapons, sustain the fleet and broaden the mission scope -- as part of an effort to extend the life of the aircraft to 2060."

Osborn, a career journalist covering military aviation, writes the post based on an interview with Marine Corps Aviation spokeswoman Capt. Sarah Burns, the 2018 Marine Aviation Plan and other sources. The article goes into detail regarding the corps' planned V-22 upgrades. 

The article also includes information about the Navy's plans for its own V-22. 

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