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Where in the 806?

a Texas Panhandle road trip

At nearly 26,000 square miles of land area, the Texas Panhandle region looms larger than the state of West Virginia. And oh, what adventures it contains!

Fasten your seatbelts for a ride very much about both the journey and the destination with "Where in the 806," a new series by Panhandle PBS and Brick & Elm. We'll take you on a journey, one trip at a time – excursions you can duplicate or at least travel by easy chair from your own living room. 

Small museums and historical landmarks dot the area, chronicling life over hundreds of years. You'll learn about chiefs and conquistadors, astronauts and artists, and booms and busts. We'll take you where you can use an old-time printing press, ride real stretches of Old Route 66, and hear about an extraordinary storm that inspired a famous folk song. "Where in the 806" showcases the experiences you can have when roving an area full of historical and cultural artifacts, natural vistas and quirky attractions. 

The Texas Panhandle is a place noted for movement by trail and rail, highways and skyways. Some sites will transport you to another time – where bison hunters and Comanches clashed at Adobe Walls, or where Native Americans and settlers viewed the Staked Plains before roads and power lines crisscrossed the landscape.

So, come along, and we'll show you the destinations just around the bend.


Where in the 806: Milburn-Price Cars

Where in the 806 can you see the rubber that met the Mother Road?

Where in the 806: Milburn-Price Printing Press

Where in the 806 can you crank the wheel of an 1896 printing press?

Where in the 806: Wind

Where in the 806 can you get an inside look at the wind industry?

Where in the 806: Magnolia Station

Where in the 806 can you fill up on nostalgia?

Where in the 806: Vega Motel

Where in the 806 can you find the set of a Vince Gill music video?

Where in the 806: Vega Photo Ops

Where in the 806 can you find these photo ops?

Where in the 806: White Deer Land Museum

Where in the 806 can you step into 1916?

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