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Panhandle PBS has teamed up with the Amarillo Public Library for a crossword puzzle contest

Starting Monday, March 15, the Amarillo Public Library and Panhandle PBS will host a social media crossword puzzle contest featuring clues about Hemingway and information about the Library and Panhandle PBS. Two clues will be released each day on the Amarillo Public Library Facebook page, and correct answers earn participants entries into a prize drawing for a Library/Panhandle PBS gift basket to be given away when Hemingway premieres.

Entries can be submitted in person by filling in an entry form and turning it in at any Amarillo Public Library location, or on Facebook. Answers for clues must be turned in prior to the time that location closes for the day.

On Facebook - clues will be posted Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. on the Library's Facebook page. Submit your answer as a message on their page before the next clues are posted.

Click HERE to find clues, and download the puzzle below! You must be 12 years old or older to participate.

Hemingway airs from 7 to 9 p.m. April 5 through 7 on Panhandle PBS.

Click HERE to download.

Corporate funding for HEMINGWAY was provided by Bank of America. Major funding was provided by the Annenberg Foundation, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and by “The Better Angels Society,” and its members John & Leslie McQuown, the Elizabeth Ruth Wallace Living Trust, John & Catherine Debs, The Fullerton Family Charitable Trust, the Kissick Family Foundation, Gail M. Elden, Gilchrist & Amy Berg, Robert & Beverly Grappone, Mauree Jane & Mark Perry; and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS.

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