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New special to explore what binds us as Americans
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Condoleezza Rice and David M. Kennedy in "American Creed"
Courtesy of Citizen Films

In this time of division and rancor, what ideals do we share in common?

Former Secretary of State and political scientist Condoleezza Rice and the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy come together to ask that pivotal question in a special debuting Tuesday.

American Creed, a primetime PBS special debuting at 8 p.m. Tuesday, features Rice and Kennedy's spirited inquiry framing the stories of diverse Americans, citizen-activists striving to bring communities together across deep divides.

That kicks off a multi-year, multi-partner national public engagement campaign, the crux of which is conversation: heartfelt talk and respectful listening among people of different backgrounds, life experiences, education levels, professions, political ideologies and religious faiths.

The feature length film American Creed will stream at for the duration of this multi-year campaign. A wider selection of short films, stories and reflections on America’s ideals and identity can be found at

Audiences are encouraged to share their own stories, their ideas and reflections on the themes of the film, on all social media platforms, using the hashtag #AmericanCreedPBS.