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Election 2017: Amendments, school bonds, sales taxes, liquor on Texas Panhandle ballots
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Texas voters will decide Tuesday whether to tack on additional changes to the state's 491-amendment constitution.

The amendments touch on a range of topics including taxation, states rights, home equity loans, and the length of service of officeholders appointed by the governor.

The Texas Legislative Council has published analysis of the seven propositions. Also, the League of Women Voters has published a series of videos about each proposition.

There also are a host of local elections with cities, counties, school districts and other taxing entitites asking voters to approve spending requests, fill board positions, and raise tax rates.

In addition to statewide constitutional amendments, the following issues will appear on Texas Panhandle ballots:


Silverton ISD: This is a Chapter 41 election, or one that deals with the district's new "property rich" status. Wind farm development in the district has yielded more property tax revenue per student than what is allowed under state law, the Plainview Daily Herald reported.

SISD voters will decide on two ways the district will share its wealth. One choice is to buy attendance credits and send SISD's extra money directly to the state. The other choice is to agree to take in students from neighboring districts.

City of Silverton: Voters are being asked to reauthorize a one-quarter-cent sales tax for street maintenance and repairs. The city has to seek reauthorization of the tax from residents every four years, according to the Briscoe County Clerk's office.


Higgins ISD: This is a tax rate "rollback" election. The district is asking voters to approve a total rate of $1.45047 per $100 valuation. If adopted, that portion is 13 cents higher than the rollback rate, or the maximum allowed by law before voter approval is necessary. The purpose of the higher tax rate is to raise maintenance and operation funds, according to the district's election notice.


Amarillo ISD: Trustees are seeking approval for $100 million in improvements to 49 campuses.

County sales tax: Seeking the creation of the Potter County Assistance District No. 1, which would establish a 2 percent sales tax in unincorproated portions of the county to fund Potter County Fire & Rescue. 


Amarillo ISD: Request for $100 million in improvements among 49 campuses.

Liquor sales: A vote for or against "the legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only," in unincorporated central and southern Randall County. (The city of Canyon approved alcohol sales in 2014.)


Miami ISD: Voters will fill two school board seats.


Tulia ISD: District trustees are asking voters to approve $13 million in bonds for expanding, remodeling, and renovating its campuses.



Mike Smith is a digital content producer for Panhandle PBS. Contact him at, on Twitter at @newsmithm and on Facebook.