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New episodes of Two for the Road beginning October 8
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Nik and Dusty Green pose with a pig on a beach in the Bahamas.
Nik and Dusty Green pose on a beach in the Bahamas.

From shark cage diving in South Africa, to swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, to exploring Buddhist caves along the legendary Mekong River in Laos, traveling Texans Nikki and Dusty Green are off on another action-packed adventure around the world. And once again, you’re cordially invited to come along! But this time, they say, it’s going to be a little different.

As much of the travel world remains under lockdown in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Greens and their grassroots-to-riches travel show Two for the Road are back for a thrilling fourth season, featuring all new episodes that will premiere on Panhandle PBS October 8.

“We’re incredibly excited to get the new season out there of course, but especially now, given all that’s happening in our world,” said Dusty. “Not just because we could all certainly use a feel-good escape from our day-to-day, but it’s also important to keep in mind that there’s still this big, beautiful world out there. Life is still happening. Travel will come back. And it’s a great time to remind folks of that.”

In their engaging new episodes (all of which were filmed before the pandemic took hold) the Greens are taking viewers around the world once again. Over the course of six new half-hour shows, Nik and Dusty dive into a wide variety of spectacular destinations and fascinating cultures spanning three continents.

“We love the adventure of it all, of course,” said Nik. “But what we really love most about travel is the connections we make with the people we meet along the way. And hearing their stories. And learning about their cultures. It’s really uplifting, and really beautiful. And we want to share more of that with everybody.”

A big part of what helps them connect with locals around the world, they say, is the fact that they actually shoot the program themselves, without the need of a traditional TV production crew. This not only makes their show incredibly unique, but gives it a grounded, real-world style of storytelling that is more organic and authentic.

“I think it’s safe to say like a lot of folks in middle America especially we weren’t taught a great deal about other countries growing up,” said Dusty. “And very few of us have the means and/or the time to be able to travel the world. So I think it’s great to be able to share these fascinating and beautiful places and cultures through the wide eyes of a couple of small-town folks. We hope it’s relatable. And we hope that as we learn more about the world through our travels, that others do too. We think of what we do as both a privilege and a responsibility. And we take that very seriously.”

Local support for Two for the Road is provided by Texas Dodge and Pantex Federal Credit Union. You can follow along with Dusty and Nik right here on Panhandle PBS and online here!

Two for the Road

Two for the Road Season Four Trailer

Nik and Dusty are back for another whirlwind adventure around the globe! Two for the Road season four will be available to public television stations (PBS stations) across the country beginning October 1st! Check out for more information.

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