Pizza on wheels: StreetSlice
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Brad Davis set to opeStreetSlice Craft Pizza Trailer.
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By Karen Welch — Senior Content Producer

Restaurateur Brad Davis will add StreetSlice to his pantheon of pizza, which already includes Fire Slice Back Alley Pizzeria and HopSlice.

The craft pizza trailer should be operating later this summer from space on the Summit Shopping Center at Southwest 34th Avenue and South Coulter Street. You should see it along the 34th Avenue corridor, near Palace Coffee and Amarillo National Bank's Summit location.

"There's a demand for mobile in town," Davis said. "Like other cities have embraced it, Amarillo seems to be real hungry for it."

David plans to stock the trailer with several of FireSlice's creative pies, selling the food by the large slice.

"There's a large oven on the trailer to reheat it like the New York slice sellers have," he said.

Pizza crafters will add "post-oven garnishes," such as the pico de gallo and lime crema on the Street Taco pizza, which has become Fire Slice's top seller.

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StreetSlice will start out anchored at Summit but Davis begins to smooth processes, it will move around. Davis said he has secured permission to eventually utilize locations on Polk Street location, n the Amarillo medical district and is exploring a possibility in the Sixth Street Historic District.

Later this summer, StreetSlice also should be visible at the Amarillo Community Market, he said.

The trailer still needs some finishing work before it can be in service, and tables are currently being custom-made. 

Plans are to begin with lunch, adding dinner hours, and all of that will be adjusted according to demand, Davis said.

Amarillo's food truck culture should increase, because the city's food truck permitting process has been improving, he said.

Shaun May, city director of environmental health, "is really trying to make it accessible and encourage people to apply," Davis said. "I think we've seen a change in attitude there. He knows these things are importnat for our city and the culture of our city and for the image of our city and that people want it."

Karen Welch is a senior content producer for Panhandle PBS. She can be contacted at, at @KWelch806 on Twitter and at on Facebook.