Election 2014

Get the latest up-to-date election coverage on Panhandle PBS. On this page you'll find the gubernatorial debate between Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis archived as well as the latest election coverage from The Texas Tribune and a ocal perspective from John Kanelis.

Gubernatorial Debate

Gubernatorial Debate

Watch the final gubernatorial debate between Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Debate

Texas Lieutenant Governor Debate

Watch the debate in the race for Texas Lieutenant Governor Debate

Panhandle PBS is hosting a candidates forum for the upcoming Texas Republican Primaries for the 13th Congressional District, Texas State Senate District 31 and Potter County Judge. See below for information regarding the air dates of these programs, new voter identifications laws, polling locations for the Texas Panhandle and the duties of the positions being elected.



What are the duties of the positions being elected?

Polling Locations

Polling Locations

Don't know where to go or what to bring to vote? Find out here.

Election Coverage

Analysis: The Margins of History in Top State Races

Posted by Ross Ramsey Texas Tribune

The results of past elections in recent history are not necessarily predictors of future ones. Lucky for Texas Democrats. 

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Davis Says Controversial Ad About One Thing: Hypocrisy

Posted by Beau Waldrop

Wendy Davis responded Monday to criticism of her controversial wheelchair ad, saying the ad was aimed at pointing out hypocrisy in Greg Abbott's actions.

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Abbott Crushing Davis in Money Battle

Posted by Jay Root - Texas Tribune

Attorney General Greg Abbott pulled in more than a dozen six-figure donations, spent about $200,000 a day and still had more than $30 million in the bank for the final stretch of the Texas governor’s race.   

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Few Candidate Debates in Statewide Races

Posted by Aman Batheja - Texas Tribune

Candidates for three of the eight major statewide races on this year’s November ballot appear likely to reach Election Day without ever engaging in a debate with their opponent. Televised debates were recently scheduled for the races for U.S. Senate and state comptroller.

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Analysis: Controversy on Both Sides of an Election

Posted by Ross Ramsey - Texas Tribune

Thanks to a tough examination from the State Auditor's Office, the Texas Enterprise Fund has become an election issue. But it was an issue before now, and will be an issue during the next legislative session. 

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