Our Voices tells the stories of the local Civil Rights movement through the eyes of those who made an impact

In 1961, a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders challenged segregation in the American South. From May until November, more than 400 black and white Americans risked their lives and liberty simply by traveling together on buses and trains through the Deep South.

KACV's production team recently spoke to Amarillo residents about their experiences during the Civil Rights movement. Our Voices tells the stories of the local Civil Rights movement through the eyes of those who made an impact. Click on the images below to hear their stories. Watch KACV, May 16, for the premiere of Freedom Riders.


Reverend W.F Roberts interview 1 Reverend W.F Roberts recalls living in Louisiana during the Civil Rights era.Reverend W.F Roberts interview 2 Reverend W.F. Roberts talks about the organization among Black students in the 60's.Reverend W.F Roberts interview 3 Reverend W. F. Roberts discusses the importance of Black Churches past and present.
Pearlene Martin interview 1 Pearlene Martin offers her point of view on the effect busing had on the community.Pearlene Martin interview 2 Pearlene Martin talks about being the first female president of the Amarillo NAACP.Helen Neal interview 1 Helen Neal remembers her husband, community leader, Nathaniel Neal.
Jewelle Allen interview 1 Jewelle Allen remembers her days teaching at Carver.Jewelle Allen interview 2 Jewelle Allen gives her perspective on the Civil Rights Movement.Iris Lawrence interview 1
Iris Lawrence recalls efforts taken by young people in Amarillo during the Civil Rights era.
Iris Lawrence interview 2
Iris Lawrence recalls participating in a "walk in" at the Paramount Theater in Amarillo.
Iris Lawrence interview 3
Iris Lawrence remembers growing up and attending school in Amarillo.
Iris Lawrence interview 4
Iris Lawrence recalls her experiences as the first black female clerk at Fedway
Department Store in Amarillo.

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