Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill

by Randy Bigelow

The Latest Buzz in the outdoor cooking community is Pellet Grills.  Pellet Grills have been around for years but just recently made it to Prime Time.   This is due to improvements in technology using digital controllers.  So, what’s so special about a Pellet Grill?  The big difference is versatility. 

All you do is set the grill temperature and the grill automatically feeds pellets into a firepot.  The grill is aided by a constant air flow produced by a combustion fan.  Digital controls allow you to set the temperature on most models from 150 to 500 degrees.  That gives you the ability to slow cook barbecue like brisket, ribs, pork shoulder and chicken with ease.  Some models even feature a meat probe and remote control!  You can literally smoke for hours in a controlled environment within 5 degrees with little work from you.  Certainly appealing when you consider how long it takes for some types of barbecue. 

When you want to grill, raise the temperature and sear meats at 500 degrees.  Flare-ups are a not a problem because most pellet grills use indirect cooking systems.  Pellet wood fuel comes in a variety of flavors such as hickory, mesquite, pecan, oak, apple and cherry.  Because of their small size, wood pellets burn cleanly and quickly to a fine ash.  It typically takes about 15 minutes for a pellet grill to reach the preferred setting.  Pellet consumption varies from brand to brand depending on the temperature setting.  However, you should not expect to spend any more for pellet fuel than you would on a gas grill. 

What’s really impressive is you can’t blow the flame out on a pellet grill.  No matter how windy it is you can still cook.  While pellet grills use electricity for operation they produce better barbecue than most electric smokers.  The combustion fan makes it possible to cook in extremes.  Even better if it is 15 degrees outside and you want to cook a brisket…no problem.  At Boyd’s Equipment we sell three brands.  Green Mountain Grills, Louisiana Grills and Memphis grills.  You can see them in action at our Battle of the Grills set for Saturday, May 10th from 10a-1p, 7154 Canyon Drive. 

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