Fighting Flare-ups

by Randy Bigelow, Boyd's Equipment

grillgratesFlare-ups can strike fear in the face of any griller.  Feast can quickly turn to fiasco with you going from hero to zero.  Having a handy spray bottle with water used to be your only ally.  Now, there is a product that aims to change that called GrillGrates.  The Grates claim to control flare-ups from the fattiest of meats on just about any grill. The product also comes with a unique, combination fork and spatula.  The Grate Tool is supposed to make it easier to lift foods from the cooking surface.   Do GrillGrates really work? 

At Boyd’s Equipment, we decided to find out.  The first test was flare-ups.  Hamburgers and Sausage are the most notorious offenders on a grill.  In each scenario, the GrillGrates blocked the majority of the flare-ups.  Fats drain out the bottom of the grates and burn on the backside protecting the food.  Burgers and Sausage turn out juicy and not over charred.  

One of the hardest things to grill is fish. The constant sticking and falling apart generally requires it to be finished in foil.  The second test was Grilled Salmon.  Each GrillGrate has narrow, raised rails with interlocking panels.  Whatever you grill only makes contact with the surface in a few places.  This reduces sticking and produces impressive sear marks.  It was easy to flip and turn the fish with the Grate Tool.  The raised rail design of GrillGrates allows you to slide the Grate Tool underneath to easily lift the food off. The Salmon turned out perfect (see the picture).  The grilled flavor was fantastic!  Even better, the Infra-Red effect of the grates kept the fish super moist.   

GrillGrates recently got more attention at The World Championship Steak Cookoff in Magnolia, Arkansas.  First Place, three years in a row has gone to teams that use them.  You can purchase GrillGrates in kits that include the grate tool.  GrillGrates can be used on just about any type or size of grill.  Simply measure the cooking surface front to back on your grill. GrillGrates are available at Boyd’s Equipment. Bring your measurements and we’ll help you select the right size.    

Rarely does a product live up to its claims. This one does.  GrillGrates will block flare-ups, preventing charred and burned food.  Temperatures across the grill will be more even where you use them.  Meats will be juicier and more flavorful from valleys in the channels of each grate.  Sear marks will be the best you have ever created with the raised rail design.  So, put away the spray bottle and enjoy your grill more by creating a new grilling surface with some GrillGrates.  Next time….information on a type of grill that’s generating a lot of interest in backyards everywhere.  Wood Pellet grills will be the topic. Until then Grill On!

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