Underwriting and Sponsorship on FM90

What is Underwriting/Sponsorship?

In the world of non-commercial radio, programming can be underwritten or sponsored by businesses and/or individuals through their financial support of specific programs or the station in general.  In return for this support, underwriters/sponsors receive mentions/thanks on air, in the form of recorded spots and also by a mention read on the air by our staff members. 

Underwriting/Sponsorship Guidelines

Underwriter/sponsor spots should

Make an association between the sponsor and and the program and the station. 

Indicate support for FM90.

They also may identify the sponsor’s products or services. 

Use an established slogan or corporate positioning statement. 

Mention a phone number and/or website address.

Underwriter/sponsor spots may not:

Make mention of price, discount or cost information 

Make a call to action-direct the listener to call, visit, compare, etc.

Working within these guidelines, you and the staff at KACV can design an underwriting schedule to fit your business’ marketing and financial needs and goals.

KACV FM90 is a non-commercial, non profit station.  It complies with all FCC regulations, and therefore reserves the right to review and approve all sponsorship material.  It also reserves the right to remove previously approved material if the station later determines that the material does not comply with all guidelines and regulations.