Texas Zoos Struggle to Limit Guns Under New Laws

Posted by Morgan Smith - The Texas Tribune on

Zoos that want to limit firearms on their property are walking a legal tightrope under a pair of new Texas gun laws, and complaints have already been filed against zoos in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth over their efforts to limit weapons on their grounds.

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Call it "Fisher Fatigue": To Students, Case is Old News

Posted by Jordan Rudner - The Texas Tribune on

It'll be just another Wednesday morning on campus at UT-Austin as lawyers in Washington D.C. argue over the school's admissions process before the U.S. Supreme Court. Past student interest in the case has drifted to other concerns.

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Birdwell Asks AG to Clarify Where Colleges Can Ban Handguns

Posted by Matthew Watkins - The Texas Tribune on

In an apparent effort to shut down talk of banning guns in college classrooms, state Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, has asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to clarify where universities can prohibit handguns with the state's campus carry law goes into effect Aug. 1.

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Analysis: A Peculiar Way to Disenfranchise Voters

Posted by Ross Ramsey - The Texas Tribune on

Texas lawmakers have designed a congressional district too slippery for either political party to control, making it impossible for anyone to stay in office long enough to build up the clout needed to get things done for the folks at home.

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Feds: Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of Medicaid May Be Illegal

Posted by Alexa Ura - The Texas Tribune on

The Obama administration has warned state leaders that pushing Planned Parenthood out of the state’s Medicaid program could put Texas at odds with federal law.

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Texans Wanted in New Round of Obamacare Signups

Posted by Edgar Walters - The Texas Tribune on

The next round of signups for health insurance under the Affordable Care act is two weeks away, and federal officials are lowering their estimates of how many will enroll. But Texas — with the highest raw number and percentage of uninsured — is a particular target for efforts to boost enrollment.

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Health Agency: No Abstinence Money for Abortion Groups

Last Updated by Alexa Ura - The Texas Tribune on

State health officials appear to have taken up Republicans’ ongoing fight against Planned Parenthood by adopting guidelines that prohibit abortion-affiliated groups from getting state contracts to run abstinence education programs.

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The Brief: In God They Trust

Posted by John Reynolds and Madlin Mekelburg - The Texas Tribune, Emily Ramshaw - The Texas Tribune on

The Tribune's latest investigative project — a documentary-style series called "God & Governing" — kicks off this morning with a focus on the role of religious beliefs on state lawmakers.

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Cuts to Therapy Services For Disabled Kids Softened

Posted by Edgar Walters - The Texas Tribune on

Following an outcry from dozens of state lawmakers, Texas’ top health agency announced Thursday it will make less drastic cuts than originally planned to a therapy program for children with disabilities, even if that means spending more than lawmakers budgeted for the program.

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Texas Gets No Child Left Behind Waiver, With a Caveat

Posted by Morgan Smith - The Texas Tribune on

After two years of negotiations, the U.S. Department of Education has granted conditional approval of the state's No Child Left Behind waiver. But it remains unclear whether the ongoing standoff between the state and the federal government over educator evaluations has come to an end.

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Amazon Stops TX Teen's Effort to Funnel Cash to Sanders PAC

Posted by Michael Beckel Center for Public Integrity on

The online retail giant is quashing an effort by an Austin teenager to use the company’s website to pour cash into his newly formed pro-Bernie Sanders super PAC.

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State, Breeders Clash Over Fatal Deer Disease

Posted by Eleanor Dearman - The Texas Tribune on

When a fatal, incurable disease was found among deer at a Medina County breeding facility, state wildlife officials moved quickly to limit its reach. But breeders say the state's cure might be worse than the disease, and some are threatening to sue.

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The Brief: Rate Cuts to Children's Therapy Halted For Now

Posted by Madlin Mekelburg and John Reynolds - The Texas Tribune on

Rate cuts could lead to as many as 60,000 children losing access to therapy services.

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Lawyers, Scientists Try to Unravel Thorny New DNA Standard

Posted by Terri Langford - The Texas Tribune on

About 50 attorneys, prosecutors, defense attorneys and lab technicians on Friday discussed how past and future cases could be affected by a new standard in analyzing data involving "mixed DNA" evidence.

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Experts: Expect Early 2016 School Finance Ruling

Posted by Kiah Collier - The Texas Tribune on

Citing past rulings and politics, experts and insiders are predicting the Texas Supreme Court will rule in the latest school finance appeal early next year, with some predicting a summertime special legislative session.

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