Imagine Dalhart as a military town

Posted by John Kanelis on

Mildred Metcalf has a recollection that she shared on Panhandle Stories that doesn't square with many of us who came along later thought of Dalhart.

The brief video talks about how she arrived in the Dallam County community in the northwest corner of the Panhandle and noticed that "we had the air base." The town was full of "soldiers."

Ms. Metcalf offered the view as part of a series of interviews she did on the Panhandle Stories series Panhandle PBS is streaming online to mark the TV station's 25th anniversary of its arrival on the High Plains.

She also talks about the Dust Bowl days, drilling for oil in the region and playing the piano as a young girl.

Those were the days. Mildred Metcalf joins a growing list of contributors who are telling their story in the ongoing oral history of life in the Texas Panhandle.

The air base to which Ms. Metcalf referred is gone now, removing that amazing first impression one young woman had of her community.

It's all part and parcel of the mosaic that makes up our region's compelling life story. It's been a tremendous life so far and it figures to keep getting more interesting as we march toward the future.

Learn more about the history of the Texas Panhandle and its residents.

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