How did this plane vanish?

Posted by John Kanelis on

I'll need to set the record straight right off the top: I believe Malaysia Air 370 crashed somewhere into some very large body of water on March 8, 2014.

I do not believe it was hijacked and flown to some remote landing strip. Nor do I believe it was shot down by sinister forces seeking to terrorize the world.

You see, MH 370 contained more than 200 passengers and crew. They were flying aboard a Boeing 777 -- one of the world's largest commercial jetliners currently in service.

One just doesn't lose a plane that large, with that many people aboard, with so much technology available.

Still, the question persists: What in the world happened to that aircraft?

NOVA seeks to find out.

The next NOVA installment airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday on Panhandle PBS.

"Why Planes Vanish" provides an inside look at what might have happened to MH 370. The science documentary series, produced by WGBH in Boston, interviews principals from all over the globe in search for clues to what has happened to the aircraft.

Malaysian aviation authorities have declared that the plane likely crashed and that no one survived. The Malysian government has stumbled badly at times as it has coordinated the search effort, along with Australian avaition and government officials.

They've looked across large expanses of the southern Indian Ocean, the Java Sea, anywhere they believe the plane could have traveled.

The most compelling question of all, I suppose, is: Why is there no sign of wreckage anywhere if an aircraft that large crashed into the water?

NOVA seeks to get some answers as to what could have happened to the aircraft and why the world's most technologically advanced experts cannot find its remains.

Some of us -- most certainly the loved ones of those who vanished with the aircraft -- want to know.


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