The Loves of Zeus

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Manifestation of Zeus Art ExhibitStephanie Jung Name/Title

Stephanie Jung, Visual Arts Instructor

How did you become an artist?

I have always made art; but my decision to pursue art as a career happened in increments as I went through Undergraduate school. I realized that art is a field that allows you to embrace every interest you have, and bring them together in a very individual way.

Talk about what type of art you create.

Spontaneity is the quality I try cultivate in my own work – I rarely have a sense of how an image will actually turn out, and that’s exciting for me. On the other hand, looking at works from Art History (which I also teach) is very important as well – I know it’s hard to make an image that doesn’t reference the past.

Tell us about your new exhibit at Process Art House.

Process Art House is a local treasure – a contemporary commercial art gallery that also gives artists a chance to be experimental. Jacob and Rhoda Breeden have done an amazing job in creating such a unique space. This exhibition will be all drawings – many of which are large-scale. Because of that. their method of display will be relatively informal, which is a bit risky in a formal gallery setting. 

What inspired you to create The Loves of Zeus exhibit?

The Loves of Zeus is a story-cycle that many artists have interpreted, The Taygete is part of Stephanie Jung's latest art exhibit at Process Art HouseStephanie Jung myths as a whole focus on the insatiable romantic appetite of the Greek father god Zeus, and the attempts of his wife Hera to curtail it. I got interested in trying to interpret these stories myself, while adding references to past images. The myths themselves are quite disturbing, though they have inspired many beautiful artworks over the years. The literature also includes some fascinating transformation motifs: both Zeus and his lovers often appear as animals or even elements (for example, in the encounter with the nymph Io, Zeus becomes a cloud in order to escape Hera’s watchful gaze). Human/animal transformation imagery haunts my work, and that was actually the main point of attraction to the stories.

What advice would you give to people wanting to become an artist?

Be persistent. Follow the thread of your creativity, even if it doesn’t make sense right away.

Where and when can people see this exhibit?

The show opens Friday, September 26 and will continue through October 20.