The Lone Star Ballet and Amarillo Artist Victoria Taylor-Gore have teamed up for a good cause. Victoria is creating pastels and selling them with 30% of the proceeds going to support the Lone Star Ballet. We had a brief moment to talk with Victoria Taylor-Gore about the project. Be sure to check out her work and to see the Lone Star Ballet's performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Amarillo Civic Center. Get your tickets here.

Did you face any challenges creating pastels inspired by the production?

Victoria Taylor-Gore: I think the challenge for me was to stay true to my own style and symbolism, and then also honor the theme of Romeo and Juliet.  I didn't want to create illustrations, but something that was my own as well.  King Hill invited me to do this, and I knew he appreciated my style. I wanted to keep the environments and landscapes in these pieces mysterious and stage like with a sense of deep space and symbolism that reflect the theme of Romeo and Juliet (like the rose for young, passionate love and the dagger for their tragic death).  I'm using references for inspiration, particularly Italian landscapes, and looking at Italian Renaissance paintings.  I love the magical backgrounds of the Italian Renaissance paintings including villages and landscapes...mostly the work of Bellini, Veronese, Titian, Raphael, Mantegna, etc. 

Why is it important to support the Lone Star Ballet and other art organizations as well?

VTG: The Lone Star Ballet is a treasure in our midst...we should support its creative efforts in every way we can.  This ballet company brings joy and life to our community.  As far a public support for the arts...I feel it is so important for a community to support the arts. The arts give light to universal thoughts and feelings, and capture deep human emotions and experiences - experiences we all live for and make our lives richer. 

Personally - the reward for working with the talented and creative people at the Lone Star Ballet is that I've gotten new ideas for my work in general.  I also feel like the interaction with them has moved my work into a new direction that will make it stronger and more meaningful. I think that is a wonderful aspect of collaboration in the area supports and inspires the other.  I get inspired by music, dance, film, theater, literature, is all moving and thought provoking.

I hope to collaborate with the Lone Star Ballet in future projects...both with my own work and the AC Visual Arts area.

If you would like to purchase a pastel, contact the Lone Star Ballet office at 806-372-2463.


Romeo And Juliet Pastels