3rd Annual PBS Online Film Festival

by Hilary Hulsey

In March 2013, I had the privilege of blogging about the second annual PBS Online Film Festival.  Through this event I learned about topics ranging from issues facing Africans identifying as LGBT and seeking asylum from oppression in their country to the curious lives of cats and their perspective of the world. The line-up this year looks even better. I can’t speak specifically to the production value of each short film, but I feel like they are professional grade compared to last year.

If you’ve entertained the thought of attending TIFF or Cannes, look no further. The greatness of an online film festival is its accessibility and interactivity. These short films allow for discussion among film fans in the United States. Skip the pesky lines, the expensive tickets, and the exclusivity. An online film festival allows you to, as the tagline states, “Watch. Share. Vote.” with virtually anyone.

Share your opinions on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, or whatever social media site suits your fancy. The beauty of sharing is increasing the exposure of the films to a wider audience and expressing your most instinctual thoughts on the subject matter (whether it be serious, humourous, or anything in-between). In addition to connecting, the relatively unknown directors are receiving a boost to the number of viewers and fans. So, really, the question is… why wouldn’t you want to participate?

The festival begins June 16th and lasts until June 23rd. I encourage each and every one of you to watch as many films as you can during that time period, share with your friends, and vote on your favourite film at the end! For more information on the PBS Film Festival, visit their website. You can look forward to several blog entries over the next week on various short films I find interesting or worthy of viewing.