Where have I been? I’ve been inconvenienced by the “polar vortex” and experiencing travel nightmares due to the incredible weather occurring in the Midwest. To all of my friends up north, please stay warm! Ironically, this blog will be focusing on a film with a similar theme. It’s just as chilling as the frost on your eyelashes and as cold as the snow that always manages to get inside your boot and ignite a hardy case of pneumonia. Contrary to the effects of cold weather, Disney’s Frozen will leave you warm and satisfied!

loved Frozen!


Saving Mr. Banks was the first Disney film I ventured to see in a few years. My adulthood has left me jaded and disinterested in heartwarming tales designed by Mr. Disney’s standards. Last week, I really stepped out in a limb for my partner who desperately wanted to see Frozen. The film poster looked typical, and as much as I love Idina Menzel, I’m annoyed with most Princess tales (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs being the exception). I can say with full confidence each and every woman should strap on their snow boots and see this film — especially if you have a sister!

The film is based on two royal sisters who suffer the loss of their parents and must take over the kingdom of Arendelle. Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel) possesses mystical powers that cause her to expel ice from her hands when she feels emotion. The catch? She has been hiding this ability from the kingdom since birth as her parents locked her away for years and closed the castle gates. Her sister Ana (Kristin Bell) wants desperately to know Elsa, but has consistently been shut out of her life and finally has the opportunity to interact with Elsa at her coronation to become queen. I refuse to spoil the entire film, but let’s just say... the film is titled Frozen, so I’m sure you can guess what conflict arises between them and across the kingdom of Arendelle.

Call me a feminist, but I am so proud of Disney attempting to instill values about sisterly love rather than the typical male saviour at the end of the narrative. There are no Prince Charmings, only a deeply engrained understanding created by bloodlines between sisters. On top of the power of sisterhood, the songs are refreshing and Olaf the Snowman is awkward and lovable. If you are looking for a great movie to watch with your family, on a date, or all on your lonesome... I highly recommend Frozen as one of 2013’s best films. Thank you, Disney, for stepping out of the box.