Tanner Willis | Pencils/Inks and Digital Media

Texas Panhandle Artist Tanner Willis
Philosophy on Art: The purpose of art is to make people feel. Not necessarily thee same emotions the artist put into the piece but the audience should have some sort of emotional response when the view it or listen to it or what ever the case is.
Are you an art creator or an art producer? Or, do you see a difference between the two?
I would say I am both but there is a distinction. When I create art it is for my own personal pleasure or for some one very close to me. When I producer art it is because I was paid to make that particular piece.
Why do you do what you do?
I want to tell people stories. I just so happen to be better with images than I am with words.
What kind of art attracts you?
Comic art. I love superheroes, I even have a few of my own. If I could do anything it would be create comics.
What is the question you never want to be asked regarding your art?
I hate being asked what a piece means to me. It doesn't matter what the piece means to me, it matters what the piece means to the viewer.
How do you know when a piece/series is finished?
A lot of the times I never reach that point I just have to make myself move on to another piece.
If you could interview any artist (living or dead) who would it be?
Jim Lee or Humberto Ramos. They are the two most influential comic artist in my life.