Panhandle PBS Presents FRONTLINE “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians”

FRONTLINE presents the award-winning documentary “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians,Tuesdays, December 24, 9 p.m., and December 31, 9 p.m. on Panhandle PBS. Drawing upon sometimes controversial historical evidence and interviews with leading New Testament scholars, the four-hour documentary explores the life of Jesus and the movement he started, challenging familiar assumptions and conventional notions about the origins of Christianity.

“From Jesus to Christ” traces Jesus’ life, focusing on the events that occurred after his death as his early followers created a major movement that would transform the Roman Empire in just 300 years.

FRONTLINE  presents the real story of the rise of Christianity, challenging and upsetting conventional ideas,” said  FRONTLINE  executive producer David Fanning. “It is not a story of a golden age of consensus, but a story of people in conflict — wrestling with Judaism, confronting the authority of the empire, and struggling among themselves to understand Jesus’ message about the coming of God.”

For more on this program, go to to explore further research and discoveries concerning Jesus’ life and the rise of Christianity.

“From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians” was produced by Marilyn Mellowes and directed by William Cran. FRONTLINE is produced by WGBH Boston. Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers. Additional funding for “From Jesus to Christ” was provided by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. FRONTLINE is a registered trademark of WGBH Educational Foundation. The executive producer for FRONTLINE is David Fanning.

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About Panhandle PBS

Panhandle PBS is a television station located in Amarillo, Texas that provides a gathering place for intelligent, trusted community engagement to enlighten, entertain and empower the people of the Texas Panhandle and the world. Licensed to Amarillo College, the station extends the community college philosophy of improving the quality of life for all residents. Panhandle PBS broadcasts on Channel 2.1 in digital High Definition carrying PBS programming and Channel 2.2 in digital Standard Definition carrying Spanish language V-Me programming. For more information, please visit


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